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Zunyi rich spring drilling co., LTD. Was set up for many years,Strong technical team,The equipment is advanced,With more than 20 Taiwan drilling rig,Others can't type well,Perennial around the drilling exploration in guizhou province,Around in guizhou geology know very well,Can undertake30M-3000Meters deep well business。 The business can undertake,Hot spring well,Dewatering well,Engineering well,Ground source heat pump Wells、Water source heat pump Wells、Engineering precipitation、Deep well dewatering、The tube well precipitation、Workover、The cementing、Well logging、Perforation、Logging,The light well point precipitation,Deep well dewatering,Geological drilling、And other projects。 Always adhere to the springs of zunyi rich drilling co., LTD“By the good faith for trust,Set out by the quality attention,To service to expand the market,With innovation bring benefits,In order to cooperation Good development”For the purpose,In line with“The pursuit of excellence,People in business”In the spirit,The high grade of drilling engineering and quality service as the highest light camp...To view more

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